Adoption Expenses

 Why is Adoption so Expensive?

The reason that adoption is so expensive is that several costs are incurred through the adoption process.

Many adoption agencies are not funded through tax dollars (such as foster care) therefore, agencies exist through fees for services which are out of pocket for adoptive families.

Are you interested in learning how to Fund your Adoption?

Adoption financial planning is becoming more critical for families as revenue sources become more limited and adoption costs continue to rise. Families need to prepare for the costs associated with domestic and international adoptions.

Adoption & Beyond is one of the few Child Placing Agencies offering its clients FREE ACCESS to an experienced adoption financial coach and system.

Funding Your Adoption

It is possible to make your adoption more affordable. Adoption & Beyond has partnered with an experienced adoption financial coach and system in order to explore all of your financial options and help make your dreams of an adoption a reality.

Here is an example of how a family could fund an adoption, which can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $40,000 (depending on the type of adoption you pursue). An average adoption can cost around $25,000, but the family may only need to pay $9,000 out-of-pocket expenses.

Adoption Total Expenses $25,000



   Fund Raising

Out of Pocket
$  9,000

The Adoption Tax Credit   $13,190 (approximately)
For completed adoptions Individuals qualify for the adoption tax credit when they have adopted a child and paid out-of-pocket expenses related to the adoption.  The amount of the tax credit you qualify for is directly related to how much money you spent on adoption-related expenses.  

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